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jumping on the bed, family session

It seems like a crazy thing, in a city with a million and one picture perfect spots, but my favorite family sessions happen at home. It's so fun to be able to be part of a family routine that includes book reading, hot cocoa making, and jumping on the bed. So when this session came up, I was thrilled to spend an afternoon in Bloomingdale jumping up and down and twirling around (oh, and taking a few pictures).

ramen world 2016

No matter the weekend (or weekday), you can find totally crazy events in D.C.. Every now and again, I get the great fun of both attending and photographing. Ramen World was just one of those events. There was the yumminess of all the ramens, fancy cocktails from True Syrups and Shrub District. Also, there was the perk of supporting two of my favorite D.C. chefs (and besties), Jonny and Luke ...oh, and the eating, so much eating.

Ramen_World_2016_061 Ramen_World_2016_033 RamenWorld_01 Ramen_World_2016_034 Ramen_World_2016_016 RamenWorld_02 Ramen_World_2016_056 Ramen_World_2016_030
anna + nat, engaged!

When you get the chance to photograph the engagement session of a fantastic couple and one of them just happens to work at for the National Cathedral, well let's just say even from the beginning, I had a feeling it was going to be amazing. Then I talked to Anna and was doubly sure I was going to love them. Anna and Nat were wonderful and rolled with all the punches that the weather (#rainyday) threw out at us and their photos are just magical, if I do say so myself. Also just a PSA for everyone from Anna and Nat's get to know you survey, which includes the all important question about favorite snack food (and another reason I love these two): "We recently discovered that there are "Extra Toasty" Cheez-its. We're sad that we spent years picking out the super-toasted ones from the boxes of regular Cheez-Its...and pretty freaking excited that whole boxes of Extra Toasty ones are a real thing."

Anna_and_Nat_028 AnnaandNat1 Anna_and_Nat_014 Anna_and_Nat_020 AnnaandNat2 AnnaandNat3 Anna_and_Nat_098 Anna_and_Nat_092 AnnaandNat4 Anna_and_Nat_094
emporiyum D.C.

EmporiYum is a food-extravaganza and this past summer, it was in Baltimore and much to my sadness, I didn't make it (mind you cider was had and dinner at Woodberry Kitchen so it wasn't really a loss). But, when it was announced that Emporiyum was coming to D.C. I was in! So with my V.I.P. ticket in hand, and a partner in crime to explore I ventured off to Union Market and ate and drank and was joyful. 


The vendor line up includes tons of great D.C. foodies that I love: Toki Underground, Neopol Smokery, and Astro Doughnuts. But I really was excited by the out-of-towners and there were a lot of them. Charleston, S.C. natives Bittermilk and Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. showed what small-batch mixers can do for a cocktail. Between Bittermilk's Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour mixer and Jack Rudy's Small Batch Tonic, I knew my bag was about to get a bit heavier and my wallet a little lighter. 

Bittermilk Kirby Emporiyum_009

Woodberry Kitchen came down from Baltimore with lechon tacos in tow and this gluten-free girl did a little dance of joy (well, as much of a dance as is possible with a lot of people around). That dance of joy continued all the way to Brooklyn Slate. Funny story there, I love me some Brooklyn Slate, not shocking based on my love of cheese boards. Once upon a time on a trip to NYC, I acquired a couple as Christmas gifts on a trip to Brooklyn Flea. Nothing sounds bad about that, right? Wrong. It was at the start of the day and apparently I was going to schlep those slate boards (and a cake stand) all over the city for the rest of the day, which included shoving them into a locker to not have to balance them on my back while ice skating. It was really nice to be able to make a purchase and then put it straight into my car. It's the little victories. 

BrooklynWoodberry Emporiyum_013

Of course, I had to end with my favorites, D.C.'s own Typecase Industries. If you are looking for fun letterpress cards, prints, and coaster...Emily, Alessandra and Stephanie are your girls. They regularly take all my money with their amazingly hysterical cards and their D.C. centric prints and coasters. Also, if you need a koozie reminding you that you're a "Grown Ass Woman"...they can help you out. They're good like that. 

TypecaseIndustries Emporiyum_005 Jenis

Just because, why not end the day with Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.