ramen world 2016

No matter the weekend (or weekday), you can find totally crazy events in D.C.. Every now and again, I get the great fun of both attending and photographing. Ramen World was just one of those events. There was the yumminess of all the ramens, fancy cocktails from True Syrups and Shrub District. Also, there was the perk of supporting two of my favorite D.C. chefs (and besties), Jonny and Luke ...oh, and the eating, so much eating.

Ramen_World_2016_061 Ramen_World_2016_033 RamenWorld_01 Ramen_World_2016_034 Ramen_World_2016_016 RamenWorld_02 Ramen_World_2016_056 Ramen_World_2016_030