a mini stroll in the park

About two years ago, I had a family reach out about doing a mini-session at the National Cathedral. They had a new wee one, he wore a jacket with bear ears on the hood, and he was all smiles. Fast forward to this fall and I got the great opportunity to hang out with this family again (and wee one #2 who recently arrived). I love being able to see new family members join and to watch the littles grow up year after year.

Beans_Family_Mini2016_007 BeansFamily Beans_Family_Mini2016_026
jumping on the bed, family session

It seems like a crazy thing, in a city with a million and one picture perfect spots, but my favorite family sessions happen at home. It's so fun to be able to be part of a family routine that includes book reading, hot cocoa making, and jumping on the bed. So when this session came up, I was thrilled to spend an afternoon in Bloomingdale jumping up and down and twirling around (oh, and taking a few pictures).

Hayley + Philip, Kennedy Center Proposal

When Philip emailed me about photographing his proposal at the Kennedy Center, I was a combo of excited and full of how questions. But I very quickly learned this was going to be great after Philip sent a follow up email with photos of the KC's roof he took on his cell phone and the question "would you recommend I propose in the "pools" of light or closer to the edge of the roof?" We decided. He and Hayley went to the Opera, her family and I hide out on the roof, they wandered out at intermission, he dropped to one knee, and she said YES! Congrats H+P!! 


Philip_Hayley_Proposal_004 Philip_Hayley_Proposal_021

Philip_Hayley_Proposal_028 Philip_Hayley_Proposal_022

Philip_Hayley_Proposal_040 Philip_Hayley_Proposal_071

Philip_Hayley_Proposal_065 Philip_Hayley_Proposal_067