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little miss clara jo

Little Miss Clara is the little sister to Everett (an adorable tiny one whose newborn photos  were never blogged because there was some blog down time -- but you can see the it in my portfolio). I was super excited to be able to spend a some time with the now family of four. Clara is an adorable, cuddly, little girl who pretty much rocked her first photo op, that is, before she christened mom and dad's bed with a little puddle of her own.

Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_080 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_Blog2 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_034 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_037 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_Blog1 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_Blog3 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_062 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_028 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_Blog4 Clara_Jo_NewbornSession_038
little mister connor

This is Connor. Connor spent 98% of his newborn session asleep. Like, very very asleep. I should note that said 98% of the time was from the second I walked in the door till I was just about to walk out. And finally, only then did he grace us with a little bit of awake/snuggle time. I wish Connor luck in deciding if he likes Notre Dame (Mom's alma mater) or UVA (Dad's Alma Mater) more...also, I hope for his sake he never switches baseball team allegiances from the Red Sox to the Nationals, because his parents might not be so okay with that. (Go, Nats!) :)

Connor_Reilly_Newborn_008 ConnorReilly1 Connor_Reilly_Newborn_039 Connor_Reilly_Newborn_055 ConnorReilly3 Connor_Reilly_Newborn_084 ConnorReilly2 Connor_Reilly_Newborn_026
little miss abby

Meet Abby. She's adorable. Her mom and I used to work together and I was so excited to be able to photograph her newborn time. One of the comic highlights of the session was how worried mom was that her belly-button bit hadn't fallen off yet, low and behold the words were spoken, the baby was shifted and off it fell. Thanks Abby for getting right on that!