A moment.  A time to remember. Beauty in the stillness. Joy in the chaos.


Whit & Whimsy is about life, love, and capturing the moments in life. It is the lifestyle photography arm of all that I do. And I love it!


What is lifestyle? I love being part of people’s happiness and the bits of life they want to remember and cherish forever and to do that I believe in capturing real life. For me, lifestyle photography is about photographing the normal.  No stuffy poses or studios, and no fancy lights and crazy gear. Just me, you, some natural light and a camera. 


What about your wee ones? I love photographing whole families. From songs, to stories, to dancing through a field, I keep a small bag of tricks up my sleeve to help with any occasion. I also work with you to schedule a time that works best with nap time and eating...cause no ones wants to take a picture when they are sleepy and hungry.


This sounds amazing! What is the next step? I so look forward to capturing the spirit of a moment and I’m willing stand on chairs, lie on the ground or go anywhere in the world to be part of this crazy little thing called life. Contact me for available dates and sessions!