Congratulations! I am so excited to be able to share in this special time with you (and maybe another person or two or three). As you prep for your photo session, take a moment to read the tips below and fill out the basic getting-to-know-you form. If you're looking for a getting-to-know-whitney form, check out the about page for weird details on my love of penguins, glitter, crossword puzzles, ice cream, picture books, mexican food, and instant cameras

The Question I'm Asked the Most: What to Wear? And a Few Other Details

• Coordinate your outfits, but don’t be matchy matchy. Don’t wear matching colors, but different shades are totally great! (ex. navy and pale blue). Also, be sure to have the same level of formalness -- if you’re in gold heels, he probably shouldn’t be in flip-flops.

• Don’t be afraid to layer and accessorize. Layering will also help should the temperature make a drastic change.

• Color and patterns are fantastic! – just make sure that they are complimentary. For example, patterns should have different scales. If one person is in a medium/large size pattern, then the other should be in small (different) print or a solid. Also, colors photograph well, don't be afraid of color, the skies the limit.

• Your look/style should look good together, but make it comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes, you will be able to see that in the images. Don’t overthink it. In the end, it’s about the people and not the wardrobe.

• Engagement sessions: Most couples have two outfits, one is normally casual and the other a bit on the fancier side (never be afraid of a sparkle). :)

Location Selection (not applicable for mini-sessions): Pick a location that reflects you, but remember that the location is just your backdrop. If you’re going to incorporate props, know that they are to accessorize you and not distract from you. Your location and props should all come together as one cohesive story of you.

What to Bring: Keep it simple. Pack light. You don’t want to be weighed down by heavy bags that you have to lug around, and we generally don’t have enough shoulder space to carry our gear and yours. Pack concisely and leave what you don’t need in the car; bring only the items you need for the shoot.

Have fun! In the end, having fun with the shoot is all that matters. If you’re having a good time, it will reflect in the images. So now it's time to get fancied up, let loose, and have fun!

Other Session Bits and Bobs:

Images/Prints: You will be provided with the agreed upon number of digital negatives from your shoot. The images will be available in an online gallery, and you will be able to download them from there. Feel free to share them with your family and friends and we hope that you will print your favorites. Please, no commercial usage without permission.

Printer: Currently galleries are set up so that you can have your photos printed by WHCC. White House Custom Colour is located in Minneapolis/St Paul and has been serving portrait and wedding photographers since 1977. They provide amazing service to professional photographers nationwide, and thus is my printer of choice. 

Some of my favorite print options also include Artifact Uprising (Books + Art Prints), Social Print Studio (Prints + Large Format Prints), and Minted (Holiday Cards).   

Also, before you run away, take a moment and tell me a bit about yourself below.

(The Harry Potter question is make or break) -- :)

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