I’m the girl in the giant hat.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area.


A 10-year resident of the District of Columbia.

Georgetown alum, Class of 2007...HOYA SAXA!

Those, however, are just the basics. There are more then just the basics of life. There are the loves, the “what fires me up” list!

Weddings, photography, dinner parties, families, history, bright vivid colors, cookbooks, Popsicles, children’s books, event planning, bright bouquets, ban.do poms & hearts, traveling, progress not perfection, glitter, pants-free dance parties (you know you’ve done this around your room before), charity: water, typography, Kate Spade, cake stands,  grace and mercy, writing, Smitten Kitchen, mixology, singing loudly while driving, big sunglasses, cooking, stationary, white plates, and Anthropologie, also, dancing....with pants on. 

I love being a part of people’s lives, creating something that will stay with them forever, whether that is a photograph, an event or a creative inspiration. And after spending years trying to figure out which was the thing I was supposed to do I realized something.... 


 Life is more than just black & white.



This volume of the story started in May 2010, and like many things in life, the starting point was rooted in love and loss. I spent a year figuring out what I was supposed to do with the time I was given after seeing how fragile and delicate life really is. In 2011, I started taking pictures, I saw a counselor, I tried to find me (let's all pause and laugh at how absurd that sounds). 2012 bought the biggest change though, a business name that I love, Feet First Sessions in L.A., Blogshop in L.A. and NYC, a vacation to Turkey, and Making Things Happen 2012. That last one, that was the one to kick off the change. It didn’t make me a better photographer, it didn’t make me a more organized planner, it made me a better person. After eight hours I could feel the change. For the first time in my life, I felt okay with the huge swath of emotions and questions coursing through my body and my mind. 

What fires us up? Who are the five largest influencers in our lives? In return, who do we influence? To what do we need to say yes? But really, what do we need to say a big giant no to? Is our ideal day possible? What is truly important and what unfounded fear is hold us back from our full potential? 

So, I know none of this is the reason why you should hire me. Actually, it could make you run in fear. I could tell you that I’ve done X number of shoots, planned many events, and I have happy clients times 100, and it would be true, but it wouldn’t be all of me. Yes, I love babies and weddings and families and maternity session. Event planning and creative design thrill me.  Those are part of my life and who I am. 

Life is full of flourishing colors and designs, so why not do it all. Whatever brought you to me, I hope you find yourself more inspired then you were ten minutes ago. And, I can’t wait to meet and be apart of your story!



I am wee bit quirky

I trained with a semi-professional classical ballet company

I wear big sunglasses and even bigger hats

Throwing parties is my jam

I will Google stalk the heck out of anything

I believe in singing and dancing while driving

I read the Daily Mail

I own Harry Potter, Disney cartoons, the Muppets and Veggie Tales

I really really really like ice cream

I really don’t like chocolate ice cream

I hand letter lines and quotes for fun

I’m a night owl

I would read Shauna Niequist and Brene Brown over & over again

I really really like cheesecake

If I could, I’d blog all day long

I love Oliver Jeffers

I invest my money into Anthropologie

I enjoy a capella

I occasionally bake wedding cakes

Penguins are the bestest

I have one tear duct that water all the time

I speak the worst French ever

My first daughter will be named Clementine

My second will be Graylin

I already pity my non-existent children

I love me some USA Network

I tell stories with lots of hand motions

I can’t eat wheat

I do the crossword puzzles in ink

I wish I was a little bit taller

I also kinda wish I was a baller (sorry for that)

I collect cake plates

I could eat cheese three times per day

I studied the Jews while in college, oh, and Women, mainly medieval prostitutes and nuns

I own a pretty apple green Kitchen Aid mixer

I dislike any weather below 50 degrees